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What your mortgage broker does for you

Let's be honest, if you haven't worked with a Mortgage Broker before, how are you supposed to know what they actually do for you? We are going to set out what you can expect.

A relationship with a Mortgage Broker is not a once-off transaction. Instead it is a relationship that hopefully will endure for many years. We enjoy quite a number of client relationships that are now measured in decades rather than years! Because life is a journey, and your finances are never the same from one day to the next. So regular contact sits at the heart of the relationship, both through face-to-face meetings and also phone calls.


All of our interactions with you are to ensure you remain on course to achieve your mortgage goals. We use our expertise to develop a plan that is centred around helping you secure your mortgage. Yes, this involves hours of preparation, strategic thinking and research. But it is worth it. Without a mortgage plan, you are going into uncharted waters and may find it difficult to achieve your goals.


We clarify your goals

Mortgage Brokers tend to share a common trait - being good listeners and good at asking questions! These are really important skills as our starting point is to get crystal clear about what it is you want in a mortgage and how this can be best achieved.

We prepare a MORTGAGE plan

Once we know what it is that you want from a mortgage, we can then use our expertise and skill to work out how we believe you can reach your goals. This will typically be through identifying the very best suite of mortgage products that meet your requirements and financial capacity.

We recommend a way forward

We then start to guide you home, by setting out our recommendations on actions we believe you should take and also mortgage products that you should potentially consider. These recommendations will be made with the sole aim of helping you to achieve your objectives.

We take the hassle way

We then help you complete the required paperwork and gather the rerquired documents, we liaise with any product providers on your behalf and we keep everything moving along smoothly until your mortgage has drawndown. There can be bumps in the road in getting mortgage products in place - it's our job to make sure that you don't see or feel these! We look after all the hassle while you get on with living your life.

We keep an eye on everything

As we said at the outset, this is not a once-off transaction. Through the planning work, we develop the map to get you to your destination. A Mortgage Broker doesn't just give you your map and send you off alone. Instead, we guide you towards your destination. We know that your circumstances may change and that your mortgage may need to change to reflect this. So we are available to work with you year after year.

We work with clients every day, helping them to achieve their mortgage goals. Is it time to start the conversation with us?

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